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Tuesday, July 30th 2013

10:58 AM

New Blog

See you in my new blog (I transferred some entries there)>>>> http://rendasinspirations.blogspot.ca/

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Saturday, January 7th 2012

11:08 AM

3rd Wedding Anniversary

Happy Anniversary Babe! I love you.

I've been dropping hints that I love tulips better than roses, this year lang nya na gets. lol

Thanks Babe.

My turn to make plans, we went to Tony Roma's, easy
Baby plans:  not on TTC,  madami reason.

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Wednesday, February 2nd 2011

8:19 PM

Our song

Just wanna share this.. This was from last year :)
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Friday, January 7th 2011

8:08 AM

2nd Wedding Anniversary

How time flies.  It's our second anniversary today.  Very grateful for everything.  It was a challenging year for us.  It's not easy but we both enjoyed it, good or bad the best thing is we're together.  Thank God!  It's basically the first year we are together, on our first year Dennis was still in the Phils.  Sure there were lots of adjustments, but with God's help we were able to overcome everything.  From petty things to significant ones, nagkakasundo naman kami,  I learned a lot, and still learning, I know I'm getting there. I hope whatever we've been through this year will help us get stronger.
Now for starting a family? May naiinip ng maging lolo at lola.. hahahaha.  hmmmm...For now we are only thinking of having one kid.  Presently, we are not in TTC, we have reasons.   I'm praying that mid-this year "demands" to my employer will be approved. Been with them for over a year but my benefits are not that good.  Not that they are cheap but because I can't find a good item (position) that has a better benefit package. No maternity benefit for me yet,  I need that if i want to have a baby.  But if not, I think it's time for me to make a big decision.  I'm not getting any younger.  I love the company and I'm fulfilled with what I am doing  that's why I'm so hesitant to find another one. Bahala na si Lord.  

So yeah, as i have mentioned last year, it's dennis turn to plan for our anniversary celebration this time.. let's see, i'm excited.  I have to work late today, so we will  celebrate tomorrow.    

Anniversary Celebration:  
I had to work late on our Anniversary day so we agreed to celebrate the following day.  But to my surprise when I got home Dennis got me this    hmmmmm  pero may catch..

Sweet! Thanks babe.  I love you.

Catch:  I have to help him pick a restaurant for our date tomorrow.  Waley!! Cge na nga ako naman ang driver.  At least nag effort ng Ice cream cake. lol

We went to 529 Wellington Steakhouse, it was a very nice fine dining experience.  Fab night!

Candle light dinner

Turned out to be a very nice place.  Very formal and romantic ambiance.

It was a fab night, very nice fine dining experience, food was very good! Memories!


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Friday, October 1st 2010

5:45 PM

Managing Time

October na, grabbed my calendar and began "planning" my month. Ang bilis ng araw di ko 
I don't like routine, I easily get bored.  I prayed for a job that i don't have to do same thing every single day.  I want it to be past-paced & interesting.  Whatever you desire binibigay nga ni Lord, kaya naman my calendar looks like this every month.  Stressed!!! Ok na rin kesa nakaupo lang,  mahirap kaya magmukhang busy pag walang ginagawa..  LOL
Honestly, medyo worn out na ako lately, been waiting for that time that i can have a time off ( a long one), and have a getaway with hubby dear.  

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Saturday, September 18th 2010

2:36 PM

Our Place

This is our place.  There's nothing fancy,  it's just simple and cozy.  We're happy,  I like it here.  Kami lang dalawa dito, maluwang for us.  Our constant visitor is Jessica, i love it when she comes over kay garaon.  lol


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Thursday, January 7th 2010

8:54 PM

First Year Wedding Anniversary...

 Wow, it's been a year since we said our wedding vows (already?)  ... We thanked God for everything.  For giving us patience & strength, waiting is the hardest, everybody knows.

How we celebrated our anniversary? Pretty simple but we both enjoyed it.  We had this agreement na salitan sa pag iisip how we will celebrate our anniversary.  This year because it's the first one, kaming dalawa muna.  

A week before we tried to pick places and restaurants but it doesn't sound interesting. We often go out naman, so we have to think of something that we will both enjoy. Dami naming naisip but can't be done in this bitterly cold, icy Winnipeg.  



Yes, we had it in the comfort of our apartment.  We had so much fun setting up the table. Shhhhh, nag take out lang kami ng chinese food don't know how to cook fancy foods...  We grabbed a non-alcoholic drink, cheese cake, fruits and some candles, had nice music then we're good to go.    We had lot's of pictures (some are really cheesy that you won't like to see them)  that you can never have if you will go out.

More pics.........

My center pieces                                              

Hmmmm, next year  would  be Dennis' turn, let's  see what he will come up with.

Happy wedding anniversary babe.....

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Friday, September 11th 2009

8:23 PM


So, I passed  my roadtest on second try.  I still have couple of mistakes, isa di daw ako nag full stop nong may nag aaway na pusa sa residential road, malay ko ba na mga hayop pala dito are treated as pedestrian.. e sa phils pwede man na ligsan oi... wahehehehe. Sabi nong examiner, i don't want to kill a cat on a road test, it's not worth it.. asus... kung aso cguro i will stop, i don't like cats mula ng mamatay ang beloved pachuchay ko.    Then another mistake, nag cut ako sa isang car, di pa nag shoulder check buti nalang talaga di ako binagsak on this mistake, pero minus 20 ba naman.  Ah basta ang importante i got my license now.

Lately, i'm starting to get worried about  Dennis' application  two months na since the embassy asked for his passport but til now no word from them pa.  Ibang-iba sa application ko dati na every month may nare-receive ako from them.   I have a friend here --kasama ko sa work dati-- she is sponsoring her hubby too.  She gave me this forum na puro spouses na napapraning ang andon.  So timelines on the processing were posted there. May iba nakakainggit kasi 4 months lang, may iba naman na inabot ng 2 years.. sana naman di mangyari samin yan.. mostly nasa 6-8 months lang talaga. Yan din ang binigay sakin na timeframe ng immigration.  Nasa fourth month na kami.  I hate this waiting game.  Help me pray.

Dahil sa timelines sa forum naisipan ko  ipost dito ung application ko dati for my immigrant visa.  Auntie rem this will give you an idea.  I can't remember the exact dates anymore, month and year nalang.

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

January 2006  - After gathering all documents, sobrang dami (pinaka importante Affidavit of Support nila Auntie J) I submitted my application  to Winnipeg thru regular mail, mahal kasi sa fedex, i took the risk para lang makamura (pobre    no processing fee yet

February 2006 - Received Acknowledgement of Receipt with File Number

March 2006 - Received a letter asking for a missing document (mom's birth certificate), send the same right away thru regular mail again

April 2006 - I emailed CIC Manitoba asking if they received mom's BC, they replied saying they received it and my papers were being assessed

May & June 2006  -  NO News

July 2006 - Nomination Approval received (happy dance)  with letter saying papers are now forwarded to Manila and I have 6 months to apply for Visa or else the Nomination Certificate will be invalid.  This time I have to pay the processing fee. (25k)  They also asked for additional documents, mostly proof of education and work experience.

November 2006 - applied for Visa ( ang tagal no, ang tagal nakahanap ng 25k e  , medyo natagalan din ako sa pag gather ng additional documents)

December 2006 - Received  Acknowledgement of Receipt

January 2007 - Received letter asking for CENOMAR, NBI Clearance and my Educational Credentials be authenticated at CHED)

February 2007 -  our main office Human Resource manager informed me that embassy called them to confirm employment. They were asked to sign something sent thru fax.

March 2007 - Received letter on Medical Examination instruction and request to pay the Right of Permanent Residence Fee (RPRF) 21k

April 2007 -  RPRF fee payment and Medical form sent

May 2007 - VISA received  (yezzzz)

July 31, 2007 - Landed in Vancouver as immigrant

two months pa bago ako umalis,  one month notice sa work then paalam blues pa.. not to mention mahirap humanap ng pamasahe...

Twelve months lang talaga ang process nong case ko sana ganun pa rin ngayon.  Let's pray. Baka nga mas mabilis pa kung wala akong mga na miss. Basta complete lang at di pabalik balik ung papers, mabilis.  Kelangan basahin ng makailang ulit ang mga sulat nila..    


Bago ko lang nalaman that Pre-Departure Seminar from Commision of Filipino Overseas(CFO) is compulsory.  It says on Canadian Embassy-Manila that you cannot leave the country without that seminar.  Milagro kasi ako nakalabas ng bansa ng walang PDOS. No question asked at the immigration.  God knows that it was an honest mistake, di ko talaga alam,  kaya nabulag yung immigration officer di nakita that there's no CFO sticker  stamped on my VISA. 


On Dennis'

May 1, 2009 - Mailed application to CPC- Mississauga

May 29 - Received Letter of Sponsorship Approval

June 25 - Dennis' PR Visa processing started in Manila-Canadian Embassy

July 9 - Received File Number and His passport was requested

July 13 - Embassy received his passport

August - NO News

September 21 -  application status (from CIC online services) changed to Decison Made from In Process.  Now waiting..............

September 24 -  Visa received....  



Cge...til next.


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Wednesday, August 19th 2009

4:52 PM

Kung di pa dahil sa roadtest ko, can't update this blog

Just want to share my story on trying to get my driver’s license in this part of the earth.  Just made me think how easy it is to get a license in the Phils but here you have to go through this nerve wrecking experience.  I know how to drive (basta drive lang) but I am not a good driver my dad knows that.  Once we almost hit a post because I turned so badly. Nerbyosa pa ako. It runs in the blood (lolz) which neutralized by my dad’s blood (medyo bagaon na si daddy ba, sayang la nako nakuha tanan hehe). Back home I don’t feel the “need” to drive, bakit pa? pwede naman mag tricycle or mag bus, so di na ako nag practice,  I stopped bugging Dad to let me drive once in a while.  Dito kahirap ng walang sasakyan so I have no choice but to learn, and need to pass the ROAD TEST eventually, I know those who already have their license have forgotten how scared they were when they first did the test. As I have said I am so bad in my turns so I had 14 hours of lessons focusing mostly on my turns and change lanes (That’s a lot) .  It’s worth it because I did learn.

Two days before the test I called my instructor to cancel kasi nga i was so nervous but he said I’m doing well and He has confidence that I can do it.  His wife also told me that if I failed it’s not the end of the world and the examiner won’t eat me if I will do wrong. (lolz)

So comes road test day, i felt a bit relax when I woke up, I had a good night sleep, it’s just a matter of mind conditioning and prayer. So we are now in the testing office, My name was called, Thank God my examiner looks so nice, he said with a smile, how are you? I said ,Never been this nervous in my entire life, he laughed and he said there’s nothing to be nervous of, it’s just a test..That relaxed me more; my friends’ stories scared me already because they said examiners are so intimidating, well, maybe I’m just blessed that day, blessed with nice weather and nice examiner.  Not so blessed though, continue reading

So he checked my lights and stuff and I'm good to go,  I drove for at least 10 minutes without seeing him wrote anything.  I was like, wow I’m doing good. Comes my first mistake, it’s just petty but it’s 5 points deduction, I forgot to cancel my right signal after the turn, medyo perfectionist kasi, ayun napansin ko na cyang nagsusulat, that petty mistake bothered me.  I am one of those people that mess up things when under pressure and scrutiny.  Another mistake followed, I went straight to 2nd lane on my right turn miscalculating the parked vehicle ahead, he said later in the office that it was more than 30 feet from the curb, at that time though realizing that was a mistake I went back to first lane then go back to 2nd lane again but still I got 15 points deduction, that bothered me more, I hit a curb, another 10 points, then he gave another 5 points deduction for waiting too long to go left turn in an intersection that has no lights, he said later that I was causing traffic.  Then time to do my parallel parking, I made it on my first try, i got 5 points deduction though because I already signaled to go but my gear was still on Park, whew! dumb mistake.  After that i made this mistake that i will never forget, un ang nagpabagsak sakin big time..The examiner said ur PP is good let’s go back to the office now (we are already at the front of the testing office that time, Parallel Parking is the last one in the test), so i was already at the end of the test when i made that mistake, too bad.. I began rolling out from the parking lot without shoulder checking, I checked the mirror though, I didn’t see that car coming and he used his break on me, that’s automatic failed.. too sad.. even though I have a passing points of 50(should be 40 without that huge mistake) that major mistake is 10 points deduction but he used his break which failed me automatically. He explained to me why I failed then gave the paper indicating the mistakes I made, mapalaminate nga..hehe.. He said come back in two weeks let’s try again, sana cya ulit examiner ko. Baka maawa next time..hehe...So that was it.. frustrating.  I was too close but I blew it up in the end.  Oh well, sabi nga di pa katapusan ng mundo, kaso mag aabsent na naman ako sa work, magbabayad na naman, and who knows anong mga mali na naman ang makita nila at magawa ko, and who knows maybe next time my parallel parking will be bad..


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Friday, January 30th 2009

12:26 AM


Hmmm... back to normal..? me di pa im still here in the Phils, dakilang tambay, but im enjoying every day of my stay here.  Di ko pa alam when ulit makakauwi dito.

The wedding.  It was great, I enjoyed every moment of it.  I don't mind the hitches, talagang di mawawala yun so i will not stress myself thinking about it.  Sino ba naman ang ayaw ng perfect wedding pero that would be impossible kaya on the wedding day di ko na inisip mga palpak, nag enjoy nalang kami ni dennis kaya tuloy ang dami naming crap pictures kasi kita ang ngala ngala sa tawa..hehe... Well, I'm happy kasi it was nice naman, i want my dress, the cake, flowers, food, the place and photography to be beautiful, yun lang main concern ko na nangyari naman.  At least sulit ang pagod at gastos.. hehe. It's just funny how some commented na medyo madilim ang place.. hehe.. I wanted it that way cozy and romantic, pin lights and candles lang.. I don't like a fully lit room kaya  i asked them to turn off the big chandelier.  Over all i am contented with the outcome.  It was not a super perfect wedding but for me it was very nice because it was the day that me and Dennis began a new life together.  It was a celebration of love and commitment. 

Thank you sa lahat.. sa prayers, sa greetings, sagifts.  It was my wish na complete ang Patts family on my wedding day pero i understand na medyo impossible.  I am glad that the family on Dad's side kumpleto talaga pati mga batang maliliit.. It was like a reunion.  I am very happy for that.

As of now we are enjoying our times together kasi after six months pa ulit kami magkikita, hopefully earlier.  Parang ayoko pang isipin na babalik ulit ako sa Canada but i have to para makapagsimula na.

Ciao, til next.

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